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How to get a "million dollar" look without a million dollar price tag...

Don’t be disheartened by having to choose "good value" wedding decorations.  Half the fun of getting married is planning the wedding and it should be fun, without stressing about your depleting bank balance!  Just about every couple would love an extravagant wedding with all the trimmings but only a lucky few can plan their special day where money is no object.

As wedding decoration specialists, we understand this!  We can assist you with some guidance and inspiration to kickstart your wedding decoration decision making without blowing the budget... 

Room Arrangement
The shape and arrangement of your tables can really make or break a rooms overall ambience and is a powerful decorative tool.  Round or oval tables are more elegant and stylish than rectangular ones, they also encourage conversation and mingling amongst guests.  Although rectangular tables can be used really effectively if trying to achieve a more low-key, rustic feel and look to your wedding reception.

Adding a backdrop behind the bridal table, embellished with organza, crystals, or soft lighting can accentuate your decorations and create a picture perfect setting.

Cocktail tables are also proving very popular for less formal finger food functions, or for pre-reception canapes.  These can be easily hired through us and can also be dressed with covers for that extra special touch.


Some simple cost-effective ideas can add flair and distinction to your table decor.  Why not add a vibrantly coloured satin overlay, or table-runner over the top of a white tablecover for greater visual impact - white can be so predictable!  Linen napkins come in many colours and these can be hired and dressed with crystal beads, decorative ribbon, or silk flowers to match your colour scheme and add some pizzaz to the table!

Whatever you do, DON’T skimp by dismissing chaircovers and sashes unless your venues chairs are absolutely stunning in their own right!  They truly are the one ingredient that will dress your room and make it sparkle!  A room without chaircovers can have a negative impact on any other decorations you choose to go with, leaving the room to look bland and uninviting.

Please also be weary of ’venue’ linen and skirting if offered as part of your package.  It is the one bug-bear that we come across too many times when setting up at many different venues.  I’m afraid that a large number of venue linen and skirting is often supplied haphazard - not much care being taken with ironing or hanging.  When everything else in your room looks so smart and pristine, it can really take the edge off a great look.  Our recommendation would be to ask if you can view the room at a later date when it is set-up for an actual wedding reception.  This will give you the chance to check for attention to detail.


Gone are the days when just a traditional floral arrangement is enough, indeed these days fresh floral arrangements can be more associated with sad occasions rather than joyous ones!  

We would  recommend that you collect images from magazines or the internet of event styles that you love.  Bring these ideas to us and we can source the necessary items to recreate the piece for you that will be sure to compliment your theme, personality, colours and of course budget! 

To create a truly original design you can add glass beads, fresh flowers, silk flowers, rocks and pebbles, shells, lights, candles, crystals - the list is endless!  Putting some height into your centrepiece can help to make a large room or space look fuller.

To finish your look a mirror tile and candlelight votives are a must.  Mirror tiles are available in round, square, rectangle and heart shapes and come in various sizes.  They should be teamed with candlelight and crystal scatters to achieve an elegant, romantic ambience.


Add some Bling... 
Bling can be a tricky thing. Too much can look garish, too little will have no impact but when done right, it leaves a long and lasting impression.  Keep your colours subtle and muted, (white, cream, champagne, ivory, gold or silver).   Some suggestions to add a bit of bling without the sting!

- Crystal Diamante Chair-sash Buckles
- Metallic Mirror Tiles
- Crystal Curtain Backdrop 
- Crystal Candelabra Centrepieces
- Silver Diamante Napkin Rings
- Square Mirror Vases
- Diamante Crystal Scatters
- Silver Glitter heart Table Runners
- Diamond Shaped Tealight Votives

As for the decor, clean straight lines, crisp well-presented linen, elegant seating and dramatic accents speak of style and substance. 


Well thought out lighting can greatly enhance your room and table decor and many of our effective decorating ideas incorporate a mix of light sources such as:-

- Candles & Tealight Votives
- Fairylight Backdrop
- Colour Wash effect behind bridal table
- Fairylight Draping or Curtain at front of bridal table
- Centrepiece Light Bases
- Submersible Lights
- Battery Operated Fairylights
- Wedding Trees with Fairylights
- Battery Operated String lights for Dancefloor Balloons
- Dancefloor Disco Lights


A few tips for you to think about when planning an outdoor ceremony or reception

Contact the local council and let them know the date, time and where you are intending to have your wedding. They will advise you of the local bylaws, whether there are any local events planned for that day and will issue you with a permit for your ceremony.

Wet Weather Contingency Plan
"Beautiful one day, perfect the next" is often the case for us lucky Queenslanders but it should never be relied upon!  You must have a back-up plan...  The perfect outdoor wedding location has an indoor location nearby that is available for use should the weather turn sour.

Often your wedding reception venue will be able to offer you an undercover area to hold your ceremony if the weather is looking grey.  Enlist a family member or friend as your key contact for decision making and advising others of the change of plan.  Set a deadline for decision making that allows your decorators enough time to reset at the new venue and for guests to change their plans.  Have someone positioned at the booked venue to advise of the change to guests that may not have been advised in time.

We often recommend the erection of a small to medium marquee at your ceremony for the shade and comfort of your guests both pre & post ceremony.  The marquee will also give you peace of mind should the weather turn, allowing you to still be married at the site you had originally planned.  A little extra expense but its inclusion can often be a godsend both in sunny and damp conditions!

Beach Weddings

Remember to wear sun block as ‘red’ is hard to get out of photos!  Suggest sensible footwear be worn by your guests if on the beach and ensure those that are elderly are able to easily access the area.

Parasols are popular for bridesmaids to carry as they look pretty and give the girls shade cover and you can hire buckets of parasols for your guests too. If you are planning an outside ceremony in the height of the Queensland summer, try to provide some shade cover, sunscreen and bottled water for all your guests and bridal party. 

Garden/Marquee Weddings

The best thing about a garden wedding is the natural beauty around you. Visit the site a week before your wedding to make sure the grass is mown, the ground raked, and the flowers are in full bloom.  Just because your garden venue looks naturally beautiful, there’s no reason you can’t add some extra decorations to make it look even more special.

You may also want to hire an arch or arbor to create a ceremony frame for the bride and grooms wedding vows. You can drape it with organza, flowers or strings of lights.  Why not add some coloured paper lanterns in the trees for a little extra magic.  
If you are having an evening event check out the lighting in the garden. You want your guests to be able to see what they’re doing but you don’t want them dazzled by bright lights either. Candle lanterns hung in the trees, or on small posts in the ground can give a cosy glow, as can white or coloured fairy lights. Look for citronella candles if you want to avoid the lights attracting unwanted guests of the insect variety, or position some citronella tiki torches around the area. 


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